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Domestic Abuse DIVersity Outreach Advocate (bilingual)

Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS) is seeking a full-time Diversity Outreach/ Domestic Abuse Advocate to provide trauma informed care to survivors of domestic violence and lead linguistically and culturally specific outreach to the Latinx populations.

Job Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Diversity Outreach/ Domestic Abuse Advocate is direct service to victims/survivors of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. This position is responsible for linguistically and culturally specific outreach to the Latinx populations, and also coordinates resources to assist in serving other immigrant or minority groups.  The Diversity Outreach/ Domestic Abuse Advocate is responsible to the Domestic Abuse Team Lead.  This position is based in Story County with the expectation that 40% or more of work occur in Marshall/Tama counties.  Work may occur in any/all areas of ACCESS’ service area, including Iowa State University Campus, as needed.  This position participates in an on-call response system for domestic abuse victims/survivors during day, evening and weekend hours. The Diversity Outreach/ Domestic Abuse Advocate, who is based primarily in Story County and reports to the Domestic Abuse Team Lead, is responsible for the following:

Client-Centered Advocacy

  • Provide assessment of needs to victims/survivors in order to understand the best way to promote safety and healing in the victims’/survivors’ lives.
  • Perform crisis advocacy and intervention to assist a victim/survivor in attaining emotional and physical safety.
  • Provide systems advocacy to reduce barriers and promote victim/survivor connection to essential services.
  • Provide individual and/or group counseling to victims/survivors.
  • Provide information and referral to victims/survivor to increase their connection to resources and support.
  • Provide assistance to family members and support systems of the victim/survivor when impacted by the abuse, including all forms of advocacy listed above.

Program, Administrative, & Educational Responsibilities

  • Provide educational programs/trainings to schools, service agencies, community groups, etc.
  • Maintain client records and files.
  • Share office support duties with other domestic abuse program staff members.
  • Attend and participate in community councils, coalitions, and meetings as assigned.  Seek out new relationships that will benefit immigrant clients and other underserved populations.
  • Serve as a liaison to Latinx, immigrant, and minority serving organizations.
  • Maintain a professional and positive attitude in all interactions while representing ACCESS.
  • Network and collaborate with local, regional and statewide victim service providers. 
  • Collect and report on statistics of victim service and program/education provision.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Expectations of Continued Learning

  • Attend relevant conferences and trainings.
  • Remain current on domestic violence and other forms of intimate partner violence research.
  • Gain understanding of special populations as applies to service provision, including but not limited to youth victims, immigrant/international victims, elder victims, male victims, LGBT victims, and various other populations.
  • Remain current and informed of systems that a victim/survivor may need to navigate such as civil/criminal legal systems, Iowa State University systems, and services that offer emergency assistance.
  • Remain current on trends of best care and intervention with victims/survivors of intimate partner violence.
  • Remain informed on legislative issues. Keep current on changes in the Iowa Code.  Remain informed on changes to immigration policies and laws. Build & maintain partnerships with immigration lawyers and non-profit organizations that provide legal advice and resources directly to clients.
  • Gather statistics as needed for grant proposals and services evaluation.
  • Upon hire, attain and maintain certification as a crime victim counselor.


The ideal candidate will have a proven ability to navigate evolving social climates while providing client centered care.  They will be committed to completing tasks in a fast-paced environment and able to support diverse clientele while maintaining an understanding of available resources.  ACCESS staff should be empathetic, inclusive and non-judgmental.  Service provision should focus on the self-determination and empowerment of the victim/survivor.  This position provides an opportunity to engage with community members, victim service agencies, coalitions, as well as state and local systems. We are seeking candidates who excel in:

  • Client centered care
  • Relationship-building with diverse populations
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions

Due to the on call duties of this position, candidates must live within an hour of our service area once hired. As part of the hiring process we complete a background check. Not all results are disqualifying and we encourage candidates to discuss potential findings with hiring personnel.

Upon hire, all staff must successfully complete the 32-hour ACCESS victim advocacy training and continued training as needed/requested to maintain ICADV requirements and to meet the requirements of Chapter 915.20 of the Iowa Code. 

Preferred qualifications include:

Knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and the impact abuse on survivors and prior experience in human services or advocacy are viewed as a positive. Bilingual candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


ACCESS is a victim service agency providing assistance to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and violent crime throughout Boone, Greene, Story, Marshall, and Tama Counties, whose mission is to address the roots and impact of domestic and sexual violence through services that enhance safety, empower survivors, and promote understanding and social justice within our community.  We work closely with law enforcement, advocates, community agencies, homeless prevention agencies, and court systems.

How to apply

Please send a resume and cover letter detailing how your passion, experience and skills match the duties and qualifications of the position to Alicia, Domestic Abuse Team Lead, at

VOLUNTEER/ Internship Opportunities

ACCESS is always accepting new volunteers and intern to fill a variety of roles. Please read more about Volunteering or contact Lynn at to learn about available opportunities.

What is ACCESS?

ACCESS, the Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support, is a non-profit, multi-service crime victim service agency providing crisis intervention, advocacy and community outreach in the Boone, Greene, Story, Marshall and Tama County area. Read more about ACCESS on our About Us page.

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