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Our Staff

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Name Position
Michelle Executive Director
Lisa  Finance Manager
Vacant HR and Facilities Manager
Lynn Volunteer and Intern Program Coordinator
Lex Marketing and Development Coordinator
Josh  Housing Program Supervisor
Caitlyn Housing Advocate
Kaitlyn Housing Advocate
Vacant Housing Advocate
Maddie Housing Advocate - Temporary


Domestic Violence & HVC Program Supervisor                                      
Sue Marshall/Tama County Domestic Abuse Advocate
Carla Youth Domestic Abuse Advocate
Vacant Domestic Abuse Diversity Advocate
Alyssa Domestic Abuse Advocate
Vacant Boone/Greene County Domestic Abuse Advocate
Katy Homicide and Other Violent Crimes Advocate
Payton Homicide and Other Violent Crimes Advocate


Sexual Assault Program Supervisor &
Special Populations Advocate
Shelby Marshall/Tama County Sexual Assault Advocate
Vacant Campus Sexual Assault and Prevention Advocate
Vacant Boone/Greene County Sexual Assault Advocate 
Kelsey Sexual Assault Resource Advocate 
Dallas Youth Sexual Abuse Advocate


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