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Housing/Sheltering Crisis Line:  515-292-0543 or Toll Free 855-696-2980


Shelter Program

ACCESS operates a scattered site shelter model in Ames. Our shelter is designed to alleviate the immediate housing needs associated with fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, or other forms of violence.  An individual or family entering shelter is provided with basic needs such as food, clothing, personal hygiene products, and other items to help them feel comfortable.  Shelter residents are offered assistance in seeking immediate and long-term safety, processing the abuse, and case management centered around finding the next best stable housing option.

This shelter primarily serves Story County, with open spaces available to any victim in need as well.  Any individual in need is encouraged to call our crisis line to discuss the need for shelter. If a victim is looking for shelter from another area outside of ACCESS’ service area, we encourage them to be in touch with the shelter or domestic violence program in their area to best assess all options and coordinate services.  To find your local program, visit www.iowavictimservices.org.

Rapid rehousing program

Rapid Rehousing in a Housing First initiative designed to  help a homeless individual get into housing as immediately as possible with financial support, help with the application process, support in identifying community resources, and care coordination.  The most vulnerable victims, such as youth and families, are targeted for this intensive service.  The Rapid Rehousing program is available to all domestic violence and sexual assault clients in our service area.  There is an application process to be completed with an advocate that includes multiple steps designed to determine if a client qualifies for assistance and to what extent.  

All services are free and confidential.

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