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The National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims is on September 25th, 2019

Join us for a Remembrance Walk at Moore Memorial Park.

Our event will be a walk around the park to remember loved ones who were victims to murder or other such violent crimes. We will be decorating bags starting at 6:00pm, which will hold a light in it and then be placed along the walking trail. All are welcome to decorate a bag to commemorate their loved one. Feel free to bring photos or other decorations you would like; however, we will have bags and supplies available for all who attend. This event is meant to remember victims of these violent crimes, but it is also a space where survivors can talk about their loved one. The walk will begin at 7:00pm, starting from the Big Bluestem Shelter.

Since ACCESS (Assault Care Center) is hosting the event, there will be victim advocates available if you need someone to talk to. All of the bags made at the event can either be picked up and taken home, or left behind. Any bags left behind will be collected by ACCESS. We will be asking permission to put these bags in a remembrance scrapbook along with any other notes or messages the survivor(s) choose to leave.  If you prefer, we will dispose of the bag for you.

Everyone who has lost a loved one to murder or violent crime is welcome to attend and participate regardless of when or where the crime took place.

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